Supplier compliance

Supplier compliance reinvented with a simple and secure KYS

Simplify the business customer’s file compilation and due-diligence process
Automate tasks of regular document collection
 from your suppliers or business customers
Safeguarding criminal liability related to the surveillance of your suppliers
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Request the supplier data you need as long as document proof
Supplier shares its information using MiTrust
Big Inc.
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Company Name
Big Inc.
Company registration number
0 7845123
Bank account details
GB29 2011 **** **** **** **** ****
Company head office address
101 Elisabeth Street, London, UK
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New supplier or business customer verification with no hassle

Find out how the MiTrust solution enables Client and Compliance departments to focus on the core business  while reducing their costs and carbon footprint. Suppliers share their info straight from reliable sources (administrative sources, banks, etc.), easing their file completion rate, reducing non compliance risks and decreasing fraud opportunities

What you get

Complete a supplier file in few minutes
Automate data entry
Secure compliance of your credit or supplier file
Remove fraud and fake document
Request the supplier data you need
Suppliers share their data using MiTrust
Supp Co.
Data shared and checked
Company Name
Supp Co.
Company registration number
0 7845123
Tax compliance situation
Fiscal compliance situation
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Quarterly autoupdate

Effortless KYS and KYB obligations check

MiTrust considerably lightens the KYS and KYB processes: Suppliers and business customers provide their information directly from reliable sources such as banks and administrative sources. For information that needs to be updated regularly, MiTrust takes care of data synchronisation in complete transparency for the supplier / contractor.

What you get

Completion rate of supplier files improved
Saved time on managing customer or supplier file up to date
Control of criminal risk related to failing implementation of supplier or customer  surveillance
Remove fraud and fake document

Operate on trust,
with authentic suppliers data and streamlined processes.

Simplification of suppliers file completion

The MiTrust solution improves user experience by simplifying administrative tasks through the automation of document collection and form filling.

Automation of manual entry tasks

The MiTrust solution automates manual data entry tasks by sending reliable documents and data in their proper format directly into supplier management software (e.g. company identity, social security, IBAN, expiry date of a document for an alert, etc.).

Immediate validation of shared data

The data comes from regulated sources (e.g. Government services, national registries, banks, etc.) and as it cannot be altered by the supplier / contractor, it does not have to be re-verified. The supplier file can thus be automatically validated.

Automatic data update

For information that needs to be updated regularly, the MiTrust solution takes care of data synchronisation in complete transparency for the supplier / contractor. No more multiple iterations!

Eco-Conscious Process

Our paperless system minimizes environmental impact. Less storage, less paper, more planet-friendly.

In addition, only the necessary data is transfered by the supplier / contractor, according to the application of the principle of data minimisation (art. 5 of GDPR).

Increased security for all

With no possibility for the user to alter the data, the MiTrust solution increases the level of control and fraud prevention.

In addition, all data transmissions are encrypted (SSL SHA-256) and MiTrust does not store any data.

They operate on trust every day.

MiTrust is a key solution to streamline and simplify our Know-Your-Supplier processes.

Juliette Beaud
Operations Project Manager
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The Provigis x MiTrust partnership makes complying with third-party regulations easier through automation.

Rémi Lentheric
Business Development Director
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