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Over 300 data points available

Company bylaws
Monthly net taxable income
Account number (IBAN)
Social Security number
Identity document type
Account holder(s) name(s)
Home insurance coverage
User's Social Security rights
Postal address
Unemployment benefits monthly allowance
Ultimate Beneficiary Owners name
Household's size
Tenant / homeowner status
Unemployment registration date
Account number (IBAN)
Identity document type
Full name
Given names
Family name
Document MRZ
Marital status
Account holder(s) name(s)
Street address
Postal address
Bank behaviour score
Partner's annual net taxable amount
Monthly paid income by type
Paying institution address
Monthly withhelds tax amount
Household's size
Annual household's net taxable income
Bank transactions details
Last property tax return
Annual user's net taxable income
Paying institution legal name
Monthly expense by type
Paying institution registration number
Monthly net taxable income
Last annual tax return
Period of coverage
Social Security coverage period
Family allowances payment date
Insurance certificate
User's Social Security rights
Additional health insurance coverage status
Sickness benefits monthly allowance
Additional health insurance company name
Unemployment registration date
Social Security beneficiaries
Family allowances payment proof
Social Security number
Insured's surname
Home insurance coverage
Unemployment benefits monthly allowance
Last 6-month company turnover
Company bylaws
Certificate of incorportation
Legal business postal address
Legal status
Tax payment compliance status
Social Security payment compliance status
Directors name
Legal entity identification number
Legal business name
Legal entity industry code
Ultimate Beneficiary Owners name
Company registration date
Last year company turnover
Legal entity net income

From >2500 reliable and trusted datasources

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Categories of data sources
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Telcos & Utilities
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Combination of specific data points & data sources

Future-Proof Identity

To fight against fraud or comply with regulation, verifying the identity of your customers is crucial. Whether it's for KYC or KYB requirements, our cutting-edge API is designed to streamline this process for you.

Hybrid Verification Sources - We utilize a blend of digital and documentary sources to provide a robust and reliable verification process.

Adaptable Verification Levels - Our system allows you to select the depth of verification that suits your performance, security and compliance needs.

Future-Proof Technology - New identity sources can appear at any time. MiTrust task is to follow their evolution, adapting to changing identification and authentication modalities and offer the best sources without any change requested on your system.

Screenshot of MiTrust product

Income & expenses (bank sources)

Banking sources can be quite powerful in eligibility and solvency analysis processes, especially in real estate and credit evaluations. Thanks to MiTrust, streamline the collection of a client's or prospect's monthly income and expenses with a simple, reliable, and immediate approach

One-stop-shop - Through our universal API, you can reach the bank account of the user, best-in-class categorization, user banking behavior score, account dashboard and certified documentation of the performed data check

Efficient & non intrusive - Increase in usage rate compared to uploading a bank statement or accessing the online account in full, facilitated by the filtering and visible intermediary role of MiTrust

Future-Proof Technology - As technology evolves, so does our API. Any new bank appears, it will be offered through our API without any efforts on your end.

Screenshot of MiTrust product

Income (gov agencies)

Government agencies such as tax authorities or social security institutions consolidate a wealth of income information that can be highly valuable in solvency or compliance assessment processes. Whether you are an individual or a corporate.

User-friendly - Utilization of the usual and widely adopted methods for accessing your admin sources, whether they are national authentication schemes or others.

Abundant source of information - Government agency sources can provide a unique overview of the financial or asset situation.

Future-Proof Technology - As technology evolves, so does our API. New or expanded sources can appear at any time. MiTrust's job is to keep abreast of these developments and offer the best sources for your company's needs.

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