They build trust with every data shared.

Up to date, their users have shared
data using MiTrust

With MiTrust, we share values on digital frugality, responsible personal datasharing, and a shared vision for simplifying customer journeys.

CNP Assurances
Hervé Thoumyre
Head of Customer Experience, Data & Digital Services
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Thanks to MiTrust data, tenant files are compiled and certified for Unpaid Rent Guarantees in under 3 minutes.

Alexandre Cohen
Real Estate Director
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MiTrust enables quick, cost-effective verification of new clients so they can start betting immediately.

Paul Klomp
General Director
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The authenticity of the data allows us to immediately validate the application, providing an instant Pass’Zelok Express.

Fabrice Houle
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The Provigis x MiTrust partnership makes complying with third-party regulations easier through automation.

Rémi Lentheric
Business Development Director
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MiTrust is a key solution to streamline and simplify our Know-Your-Supplier processes.

Juliette Beaud
Operations Project Manager
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MiTrust has improved our onboarding process, reduced verification costs, and enhanced automation levels.

Christian Vollman
Founder & former Managing Director
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MiTrust has allowed us to speed up and enhance the onboarding process for our employees by offering a 100% digital alternative route.

John Paul (AccorHotels)
Olivier Larigaldie • CEO
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MiTrust's robust solution helps us protect against fraud, safeguarding both our company and our clients.

Romain Descamps
Strategic Projects Manager
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MiTrust has innovatively simplified and improved data sharing, benefiting both citizens and companies receiving the data.

Arnaud Giraudon
Former CEO
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Now rental applicants can complete their files in just 5 minutes!

Fabrice Houle
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MiTrust is the fastest and most reliable solution for our users to validate their online profiles!

 Voisins vigilants et solidaires
Thierry Chicha
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MiTrust helped us reduce friction in our online processes.

Matthieu Cantais
Head of Product Innovation
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We're proud to work with startups like MiTrust for a faster, simpler, and more secure customer experience.

Mathilde Zak
Head of Innovation & Digital transformation
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