A new way for your users to share the data you need.

Re-imagine your user onboarding experience with MiTrust. A new simple, secure and super fast way enabling your user to share the exact data you need, and for you to use them for an instant decision.

Seamlessly integrate MiTrust into your user journey

Your app / web app
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Integrate MiTrust effortlessly with a simple button in your customer journey, and let us take the lead as a trusted intermediary managing data, security, and privacy. Forget complicated KYC processes which take hours or days and offer your user the best digital experience.
Incorporate your brand identity
No MiTrust account to create
No MiTrust app to download
MiTrust email for the user to share dataMiTrust Mobile App for the user to check dataMiTrust website for the user to share dataMiTrust QR code for the user to check data

Just a few clicks and a few seconds to receive the data you need.

Gone are the hassles of users searching for the right documents, scanning and re-scanning them to get the right format and legibility, and struggling with uploads plus the data verification challenges. With MiTrust, leave all that to your competitors.
Easy to find data sources
Compatible with password manager
Ultra secure

A digital convenience that users control and appreciate.

Enhance your user experience and offer the luxury of simplicity to your users. Reduce lengthy questionnaires by leveraging authentic data from trusted data sources. Transform one of the day's most tedious tasks into a seamless, 'wow' experience. Your users won't just be satisfied; they'll be impressed too.
Extensive user coverage
Super fast
Step by step user assistance
Selection feature in case of multi-profiles
Product screenshot of MiTrust data sharing interface

Bam! It’s done.
Instantly get authentic data you can trust.

Now that you have the information you need and can trust, you can instantly process your users' files with confidence. MiTrust offers not only efficiency, but also peace of mind.
Offer instant decisioning
Scale your operations
Avoid fraud
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All the trust you need is there

Start building your future on trust
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