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Tenant checks, done in a snap!

Forget the paperwork marathon. And waive the stress from tenants for providing tons of documents to unknown people. MiTrust is like having a digital superhero for tenant screening. Candidates share their info straight from the source – banks, tax offices, you name it. It’s faster than a coffee break and as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans.

What you get

Complete a complete tenant application in few minutes
Validate instantly applicants files
Respect tenant applicants data privacy
Remove fraud and fake document

Build on trust,
with authentic tenant data and streamlined processes.

Streamlining tenant file creation

MiTrust simplifies the creation of the tenant file with a few online transactions which replace the collection of supporting documents and the filling out of forms.

Task automation

MiTrust automates re-entry tasks by the real estate agency or insurer with the collection of reliable documents and data that can be directly shared across systems with MiTrust certificate of authenticity.

Instant Data Validation

MiTrust data, sourced from regulated providers, needs no re-checks. It's secure and ready for instant use.

Responsible Data Handling

We transfer only what's necessary, aligning with GDPR's minimization principles. Extra documents? Only if absolutely needed. Want to access bank account data? We only retrieve the necessary information like income or paid rent.

Eco-Conscious Process

Our paperless system minimizes environmental impact. Less storage, less paper, more planet-friendly.

Elevating Security Standards

All data sharings are encrypted (SSL SHA-256) and not stored by MiTrust.

They are counting on trust everyday.

Thanks to MiTrust data, tenant files are compiled and certified for Unpaid Rent Guarantees in under 3 minutes.

Alexandre Cohen
Real Estate Director
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The authenticity of the data allows us to immediately validate the application, providing an instant Pass’Zelok Express.

Fabrice Houle
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Now rental applicants can complete their files in just 5 minutes!

Fabrice Houle
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