User data check.
Empower your users to share their personal data you can rely on
Bank Details
Pay stubs
Bank Details
Pay stubs
directly from any of thousands of trusted sources
in just a few seconds
100% user control
100% authentic
100% secure
No app
No account
No data stored
How does it work?

A complete solution to collect data from original sources

Get authentic user data

Grant a consumer loan
Perform a tenant check
Validate supplier compliance
Update customer infos
And more

Based on user consent

A simple and convenient user journey that users can launch from your interface, allowing them to retrieve and share their data with you.
Super fast
Under user control
Mobile friendly

Chosen from thousands
of reliable sources

We connect users to their banks, telcos, utilities, insurers, government agencies, ID providers and many other types of data sources
>300 data points
>2500 data sources in Europe

Revolutionise your process and your customer journey.

The way you probably obtain and verify user data
Check the list of all the documents needed
Scrolling through a long, daunting list of documents, hoping you have them all.
Search the documents
Digging through drawers and files, trying to remember where you last saw that important paper.
Scan the documents
Wrestling with the scanner to get a clear image without that annoying line down or reflection in the middle.
Upload the document
Struggling with the image received to format it as required in the hope that it will be accepted when the document is uploaded.
Chase-up missing or invalid documents
Playing the never-ending back and forth with clients to get to get the correct, complete, and readable documents.
Receive the documents
Getting an influx of emails with attachments, and trying to keep track of them all.
OCR or document reading
Dealing with software glitches and misreads that turn 'B's into '8's and cause endless headaches.
Fraud detection and data extraction
Balancing between thoroughness and operational efficiency, all while keeping an eye out for any red flags on forgery.
External database check
Keep your fingers crossed that data or any eventual security code extracted from the document will correspond to an external database for a final authenticity check...
Finally done
But you lost customers along the way, and frustrated some others...
MiTrust method
Click on MiTrust button
Integrated in the user journey, nothing new here except the new shiny MiTrust button.
Select the data source
Simply select your service provider from a pre-configured list of eligible sources or perform a simple search.
Select the info & consent to share
With 100% user control and consent. 1-click to approve the transfer of data.
Done in a flash
Now you can make an instant decision, without having inconvenienced honest customers because the fraudsters have been stopped.
Super annoying
is now simply magic*
What took hours
now takes seconds
Potentially unreliable data
are now 100% authentic
Unsafe process
is now the most secured
Struggle with privacy risks
now respects the highest data protection standards
*We do not practice real magic but we use advanced technology providing a similar effect

Revolutionize your KYC / KYB... at your own pace

"There is nothing more inefficient than optimizing a process that should not exist"
— Peter Drucker
Why optimize document verification when you can directly retrieve authentic user information from the source? With MiTrust, improve your user data management process and create a new user journey with unrivalled performance, using our single API and leveraging its power step by step at your own rythm.
Potential migration path
Assess your user experience with us for a free impact analysis
Pilot our solutions to collect authentic documents
Collect authentic data and information from alternative sources, in addition to documents
Challenge and improve your existing decisioning and business rules based on data

They explain MiTrust's benefits better than we do.

With MiTrust, we share values on digital frugality, responsible personal datasharing, and a shared vision for simplifying customer journeys.

CNP Assurances
Hervé Thoumyre
Head of Customer Experience, Data & Digital Services
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Thanks to MiTrust data, tenant files are compiled and certified for Unpaid Rent Guarantees in under 3 minutes.

Alexandre Cohen
Real Estate Director
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MiTrust enables quick, cost-effective verification of new clients so they can start betting immediately.

Paul Klomp
General Director
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The authenticity of the data allows us to immediately validate the application, providing an instant Pass’Zelok Express.

Fabrice Houle
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All the trust you need is there


Could there be any more questions?

Why MiTrust?

MiTrust was created to solve the frustration of complicated and insecure personal data sharing. It's an online platform that offers easy and secure personal data sharing, giving users complete control and confidence.

What is MiTrust?

MiTrust is a French company, established in 2018, acting as a European intermediary for personal and professional data sharing. It's registered with the ACPR (French Banking Authority) as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and with ARCEP and the European Data Intermediation Services Registry as a Data Intermediation Service Provider (DISP).

Where does MiTrust operate and in which industries?

MiTrust operates in Europe with current customers in France, Germany and Netherlands and focuses on six industries: Banking & Credit, Insurance, Real Estate, Online Gaming and Betting, Supplier Compliance, and Human Resources.

What is MiTrust's main service?

MiTrust allows users to filter and share reliable personal or professional data directly from regulated data sources (like banks, telecom operators, etc.) to online services that request them, quickly and securely.

How does MiTrust handle user consents?

MiTrust values transparency and explicit user consent. At every step, users are informed and their consent is obtained for collecting and sharing their personal data.

What are MiTrust's main services?

MiTrust provides data sharing services, making secure information exchange between users and online services easier. Services include identity verification and data transfer such as income, address, insurance coverage, etc.

Why do companies use MiTrust?

MiTrust offers a frictionless, transparent, and immediate user experience in sharing personal data with companies. It enables efficient and reliable customer onboarding and servicing processes, by facilitating customer satisfaction, process automation, instant decisioning and compliance with regulation.

How does MiTrust collect personal data from users?

MiTrust only collects personal data with user consent and connects in real-time to the information systems of the user's service providers under their complete control, thus ensuring fast, reliable, up-to-date information.

How does MiTrust manage updates and platform evolution?

MiTrust commits to keeping its platform updated with the latest technology and security standards, regularly performing updates and improvements.

How can companies integrate MiTrust?

Interested companies can contact MiTrust through their contact form or chatbot. After a first qualification call, MiTrust can offer a discovery workshop to jointly assess the relevant processes to be improved, enabling MiTrust to propose the optimal usage of MiTrust products, the adequate scaling strategy and the ultimate economic and non-economic benefits  of the solution.

How can companies configure data received through MiTrust's API?

MiTrust services are accessible for Companies through one single API. By calling this API, companies can freely decide which data they want and in which format. Configuration of such API calls is designed during specific workshops in the course of the set-up project.

What support does MiTrust provide for service integration?

MiTrust offers comprehensive professional services for the set-up, integration and servicing of its solutions, ranging from UX design, data mapping assistance, expert consulting, technical integration assistance to customer support.

How do MiTrust solutions adapt to different industries?

MiTrust solutions are flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of use cases in various sectors, as it has been done for Financial services, Insurance, Real Estate, Online Betting, HR Solutions or Supplier Management. Should you see a potential use case in another industry, please get in touch with us to assess if and how our solutions can also be fit for you as well.

Does integrating MiTrust require a total overhaul of user paths and back-office processes?

No! Based on our cumulated experience of more than 40 years in regulated industries, we believe that successful digital transformation are agile transformation journeys where change is made incrementally, but at a rapid scaling pace under the logic: "think big, start small, scale fast". This precisely what our technology offers to the traditional KYC processes subject to strong regulation. MiTrust solution can be first used to collect authentic documents without affecting the rest of your back-office process. In a second step, the MiTrust API can collect authentic documents as well as additional data by just a change in our API call. Your information system can then start to digest such data and compare them with your traditional document-based process. You can now start envision process automation and instant decisioning. At the very end, you might drop the document-based process and rely only on the reliable data collected through MiTrust from trusted sources. MiTrust will then provide you with all certified evidence of data origin so that your customer file keeps its audibility and completeness in case of litigation or external audit.

How is MiTrust's user interface designed for customer experience?

MiTrust's user interface is intuitive and easy to use, focusing on transparency and user control, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

How does MiTrust support companies in managing changes related to service integration?

MiTrust provides comprehensive support throughout the integration process, including training, resources, and ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption.

What are the regulatory compliance benefits of integrating MiTrust for a company?

Integrating MiTrust helps companies better comply with data protection regulations like GDPR through robust consent mechanisms and data management.

How does MiTrust manage technological updates to stay at the forefront of innovation?

MiTrust's R&D teams regularly incorporate the latest technological innovations into its platform, ensuring a continuously updated and competitive service offering.

What security measures does MiTrust implement to protect user data?

MiTrust employs advanced security measures, including data encryption and robust security protocols, and conducts regular security audits.

How does MiTrust ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations?

MiTrust strictly follows the requirements of GDPR and other relevant legislation. This includes clear consent, transparency, and data control policies for users, ensuring their right to privacy. MiTrust's activity, as shown by its registration as an AISP with the ACPR institution and as a DISP with the ARCEP institution, is regulated and contributes to creating an environment of trust in the digital world. Furthermore, MiTrust has set up an Audit and Ethics Committee, made up of competent and mostly independent personalities, to ensure that we respect our commitments.

Are personal data encrypted on MiTrust?

Yes, all personal data processed by MiTrust are encrypted for maximum protection against unauthorized access.

What guarantees does MiTrust offer against data misuse?

MiTrust commits to using user data only for approved purposes and not sharing it without clear consent.

Does MiTrust conduct regular audits of its privacy practices?

Yes, MiTrust performs regular audits to ensure its privacy practices remain compliant with the strictest standards and regulations.

How does MiTrust handle user data deletion?

MiTrust respects users' right to be forgotten. Data is securely deleted in accordance with data protection laws and user requests.

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