Code of trust

Why trust us?
Because we guarantee simple and secure sharing of qualified personal data, online and in complete transparency.

We are building an ecosystem of trust in which we all collectively commit – MiTrust, our partners and you – to act responsibly and protect your privacy and personal data.

We have also set up an Ethics Committee, made up of competent and independent individuals, to ensure that we respect our commitments.

We are building an ecosystem of trust in the digital world
MiTrust allows you to identify yourself and transfer your personal data from your usual service providers to other online services, in a convenient, transparent, secure way and always under your strict control.

To make this ambition a reality, we are building an ecosystem of trust in the digital world, where each actor is committed to acting responsibly and protecting your privacy and your personal data.

Because your trust is earned, we are collectively committed to being transparent about the use of the MiTrust service and what is done with your data

Commitments towards our users
MiTrust is an ecosystem open to all digital players who respect personal data and are committed to respecting our values.

✓ You only share your personal data on your own initiative and only with the online services that you want.

✓ We provide you with clear explanations every time so that you can make an informed decision.

✓ You have the choice between the sources of personal data available which concern you.

✓ For some online services, you like to remain anonymous while sharing certain personal data. Your anonymity may nevertheless be lifted upon formal request from a public authority.

✓ In case of optional creation of a MiTrust account, we only store the data strictly necessary to be able to contact you, verify your identity and access your data sources. We are committed to applying best security practices to protect them. Your other data is not stored.

✓ Your personal data is always transferred securely between a data source and an online service. We take their security very seriously at all times.

✓ WE DO NOT SELL ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA. Our economic model is clear and transparent: we receive a technical commission from the online services. Mitrust is and always will be free for you.

✓ All of the company’s teams and shareholders undertake to respect this charter

✓ We are setting up an Ethics Committee, made up of competent and independent individuals, to ensure that we respect our commitments

✓ Our teams are made aware of the need to alert any malfunction and are also assured that their transparency will be rewarded

Commitments of our partners

✓ They undertake to strictly comply with all the laws and regulations applicable to their activity, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

✓ The personal data they ask you to share is that which is necessary to provide you with the service for which you have chosen it. Nothing more !

✓ They give you all the information you need before you agree to share your personal data

✓ They will not use your personal data for any other purpose than the one for which they asked your consent. If they wish to change this use, they will ask for your consent again

✓ They put in place the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data

✓ They only store your personal data for a reasonable period of time having regard to the use they make of it and the authorization you have given them

✓ They undertake to take into account and react quickly to any request from you regarding your personal data

Commitments as a user
✓ I use service providers with whom I already have a relationship, accounts for which I have legitimate access and who provide up-to-date information as sources of data

✓ In case of optional creation of a MiTrust account, I indicate my real identity in my MiTrust account and do not seek to open a fraudulent account

✓ In case of optional creation of a MiTrust account, I protect access to my MiTrust account and do not share it with other people

Audit, networks and accreditations
MiTrust is registered with the ACPR (administrative authority integrated into the Banque de France) as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) under the identification code 17368 (CIB), and therefore meets the requirements of this designation in terms of security, compliance, governance and insurance

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ACPR complient
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